We prioritize value over valuation

We are looking to build value, not just over-hyped valuations. By bringing together serial founders with seasoned financial executives, Fuel gives its entrepreneurs a broader perspective on venture building. This duality of experiences provides a diverse network of relationships across industries, and a healthy view toward capital that ensures both ventures and investors are aligned from idea to exit.

Fund Focus

Early and A/B Stage investments

Tech-driven moats and competitive advantages

Focus on unit economics

Encouraging consumer adoption of new brands

Brilliant execution on what we know how to do

Investment Filters

Is this a market transforming idea?

Are the founders willing to be coached?

Is the opportunity a solution to a major problem?

Does the valuation allow meaningful equity?

What scenarios would inhibit success?

We are equally balanced between early and late stage investing

At Fuel, we are comfortable investing in both early and later stage opportunities. Our investment committee meets monthly to review opportunities for us to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs. Guided by a disciplined investment methodology, we work to diversify and manage risks across the portfolio, while supporting long-term value creation within our portfolio companies. This allows us to bring investors a highly process driven approach to access venture.

Balanced Capital
Deployment Model

We are diversified across industries

Market distruption happens across many sectors. As a rule, we try not to fixate too much on one category. Instead, we invest broadly across companies emerging in categories where we understand the potential, and through our investment, can help create a greater outcome for everyone.


We seek out marketplace technologies that can demonstrate a clear value proposition through their area of focus, unique user experience and scalability — marketplaces that can establish new economies amongst untapped or underserved communities and support opportunities for recurring transaction amongst its participants.


We look for products that identify and create new market opportunities or by their existence create a significant disruption of the status quo. This includes products where the underlying intellectual property, associated business model, and time to market provide a highly defensible position from which to build marketshare.


We are always interested in investing in service models that can demonstrate a high level of demand and an equally efficient ability to scale itself across both geography and industry.

These services will quickly establish a dominant market position in critical areas including  expertise, innovation and offerings.


High value sourcing network

Company Builders and Accelerators
ExO Works (Miami Beach, USA)
Fast Track Institute (Medellín, Colombia)
Rokk3r Labs (Miami, USA)
Stradigii Ventures (Montreal, Canada)
Venture City (Miami, USA

University Systems
London Business School


A tested and proven strategy

Global access for investors and entrepreneurs

Process Driven Approach
Our process is used to vet the best in class talent and ideas. Coinspire, Cobuild, and FUEL allow for massive sourcing scale, quantitative analysis, expert mentoring through the life cycle of each company, team development and placement/exit mechanics.

Leveraging a global company builder.
First view of potential exponential companies.
Removing known blockers to success.
Achieve higher equity at lower valuations
Focus on exit mechanics.


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