Investing in the Global Collective Genius

We have developed a disciplined process that taps the diverse genius of Founders to identify concepts and ideas that address humanity’s grand challenges, exhibit exponential growth characteristics, and offer the potential to create value for entrepreneurs, institutions, and individual investors.

Fueling Transformative Impact

We strive to create value by investing in ideas and exponential businesses where the impact and timing of our capital, strategic insight, global relationships, and operational support serve as catalysts to ignite transformational growth. We are focused on Founders and companies that have adopted and are guided by the internal mechanisms of the exponential organization.

Operate with I.D.E.A.S.

Exponential organizations tend to share these five key internal mechanism commonly referred to using the acronym I.D.E.A.S.

Our Value
to Investors

We are high-conviction investors, committed to achieving the most efficient outcomes for our stakeholders. With sixty-four years of collective experience serving the wealth management community, the Rokk3r Fuel EXO leadership team offers investors exclusive access to exponential growth opportunities. We are committed to educating investors about venture capital as an asset class and the impact and influence that an institutional approach to portfolio construction may have on investment performance.

Rokk3r Fuel EXO brings venture experience coupled with decades of wealth management and asset allocation expertise to target a higher measure of risk-adjusted returns, providing opportunities that create value for our investors, the companies in which we invest, and our global community. For this reason, we have quickly emerged as the trusted partner to the most respected investment advisors, family office groups, and institutions that serve individual investors.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Irreversibly Changing the Global Investment Economy

Ten years ago, there were five hundred million internet connected devices. Today, that number has grown to roughly eight billion. By 2030, the number will reach one trillion as every aspect of our lives becomes internet enabled.

Venture Capital
Outperforms Equity

Sources: *Cambridge Associates LLC US Venture Capital Index: 1981-2016 – pooled horizon return, net of fees, expenses and carried interest; **Standard & Poor’s Datastream; ***CA Modified Public Market Equivalent (mPME). Index historical information cited for illustrative purposes only. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk.

Our Value
to Founders

What will make an idea work as a viable business is the question that weighs on Founders and investors alike. It is more than just a plan and funding; that much is certain.  Founders want support for leadership and team development, they require dedicated and functional talent, an optimal product/market fit, and a focused conviction in the execution of their go-to-market strategy.

At Rokk3r Fuel EXO, our leadership collectively have founded and established a diverse range of highly successful companies. We bring relevant investment experience, ongoing capital resources, and a unique and diverse network of relationships to the Founders in our portfolio. We optimize the probability of their future success.

A Different Way
Of Thinking

Rokk3r Fuel EXO’s inception was a fusion of financial services leadership and serial entrepreneurs. We have watched as the world has changed around us. And we recognize that the investment landscape has not.

What, then, is required for an investment professional or individual investor to succeed – to achieve the upside potential that they demand? It is not simply about asset allocation and diversification – rather, the “secret ingredient” is differentiation. The Rokk3r Fuel EXO mission is to provide investors, financial advisors, family offices, and institutions serving investors the ability to participate in the venture asset class – to access investments and participate in opportunities that are highly selective and transformational. Given our collective wisdom spanning six decades in wealth management, we believe that exclusivity and true, unfiltered access to resource channels, such as our private equity venture capital, will enable investors to achieve the excess returns and performance that they demand.

Our Experience in Building Valuable Global Companies

Understanding Rokk3r Fuel

Opportunities for investors are now abundant – mutual funds, ETFs, separate account managers, fee programs and passive strategies. More than at any moment in our history, investors are directly exposed to an overwhelming breadth and depth of products and services. And what is the impact of this abundance on the market? Clearly, our investors are not satisfied with simply achieving the average – a benchmark printed on a monthly statement. They want something more than participating in three asset classes. That is Rokk3r Fuel EXO. That is our radical advantage.


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