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The Era of Security Tokens has Begun

The STO is the safe, secure, and sensible answer to the ICO. The word “security” in the name says a lot: Security tokens have to be backed by a tangible asset, like a company’s profits or shares.

Going Overseas Might be Tempting, but for LATAM Startups “the Market is Huge, Growing and Natural”

“Though each country has its own unique characteristics, the region shares heritage in the form of language, culture and historical and geopolitical development. This means that if an innovative value proposition solves a problem in Lima, it will probably also solve it in Bogotá.”

How cryptocurrencies will change investment in Latin American startups

Rokk3r Fuel ExO, plans to begin investing in ICOs, as well as other security token offerings (STOs) and token generation events (TGEs) across Latin America.

Trade Talks: Non-Traditional Investments

“Diversifying your portfolio with alternative asset classes is imperative in today’s fast-changing economy.” Paul Landaiche shared with Nasdaq how Rokk3r Fuel ExO offers investors a globally diversified, risk-mitigated path to returns.

Rokk3r Fuel ExO named as one of The Silicon Review’s “50 Companies To Watch 2018”

Fueling Exponential Outcomes: Miami-based Rokk3r Fuel ExO, a Global Venture Capital Firm, Aims to Bring Early-stage Capital to the Best-performing Companies.

Velocitize Talks: Nabyl Charania, of Rokk3r, on Technologies of the Future

Digital disruption will continue to reshape society in coming years, said Nabyl Charania, chairman and CEO of startup platform Rokk3r. Hundreds of millions of people continue to come online, changing communications and expectations, he told Velocitize Talks.

Vicente Quesada Joins Rokk3r Fuel ExO As General Partner

Former Santander Investment director Vicente Quesada has joined global venture capital fund Rokk3r Fuel ExO as a general partner.

Blockchain’s big potential in Africa

The blockchain ecosystem in many places is already starting to garner strength and has the potential to make a huge impact on African economies and societies.

The future needs infrastructure

We are launching Rokk3r to the public markets (OTC: EDRG). Rokk3r will democratize access for entrepreneurs regardless of location, and mitigate risks in the company building process at a global scale.

Rokk3r Labs launches public company

The launch is designed to leverage the Rokk3r team’s experience of cobuilding and investing in a portfolio of over 40 companies to provide a risk mitigated approach to company building globally and expand its operations virtually.


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