It's our fundamental belief that we cannot add value to every opportunity that comes through our network. Instead, we focus our energy into rigorously qualifying each one individually and advance only the select few that have the proven characteristics of exponential thinking and are being lead by founders who will thrive in our habitat.

We identify opportunities from two distinct investment tiers:


Core to our entrepreneurial roots, we prefer to focus our investments into early stage companies being built inside the Rokk3r Labs co-build habitat. Through this partnership we have incredible insight into the company‚Äôs leadership and ideas, and from an embryonic stage, are afforded long-term access to help shape all mechanisms critical for success as the company moves through its initial cycles. This process helps us materially lower the overall risk associated with early-stage investing.


To ensure our velocity and long-term success, we also look for opportunities that have achieved initial viability and are now looking for growth capital. Once we are convinced by the exponential viability of the idea, we will deploy the capital and through our investment help the leadership team navigate the predictable vulnerabilities that come with rapidly scaling a young organization.